Recent Results

Trowbridge Town

Oct 19th, 2019
  Holt FC (A) W 1-0
Oct 12th, 2019
  Ludgershall Sports (H) W 5-1
Oct 5th, 2019
  Pewsey Vale Dev. (A) W 6-0
Sep 28th, 2019
  Malmesbury Victoria Dev. (H) L 2-3
Sep 21st, 2019
  Stratton Juniors (A) D 2-2

Trowbridge Town Reserves

Oct 19th, 2019
  Staverton Utd (A) L 3-5
Oct 12th, 2019
  Seend United (A) D 2-2
Oct 5th, 2019
  Kew PR FC (H) L 2-6
Sep 28th, 2019
  Heytesbury (A) L 1-11
Sep 21st, 2019
  Dilton Marsh Wanderers (A) L 2-3

Trowbridge Town 'A' or Colts

Apr 29th, 2017
  Three Daggers (A) L 0-1
Apr 22nd, 2017
  Calne Eagles (H) L 1-2
Apr 15th, 2017
  Calne Eagles (A) L 1-6
Apr 8th, 2017
  The Stiffs (H) W 2-0
Apr 1st, 2017
  Melksham Town B (A) W 7-2

Trowbridge Town Ladies

Oct 6th, 2019
  Swindon Supermarine Women (A) L 1-4
Sep 29th, 2019
  Swindon Spitfires Women (H) D 3-3
Sep 15th, 2019
  FC Chippenham Town Ladies (A) L 0-2
Sep 8th, 2019
  Laverstock & Ford (Ladies (A) D 1-1
Apr 14th, 2019
  AEK Boco Ladies (A) L 0-1

Trowbridge United

May 7th, 2005
  Freshford Utd (H) W 5-2
May 0th, 2005
  North Bradley Saints (A) L 1-5
May 0th, 2005
  North Bradley Saints (A) L 1-5
Apr 26th, 2005
  North Bradley Saints (A) L 1-5
Apr 12th, 2005
  Broughton Giffard (A) L 0-1

AFC Trowbridge Town Youth

May 10th, 2008
  New College Swindon (H) W 2-1
Apr 29th, 2008
  Shrewton Utd Reserves (H) W 3-0
Apr 26th, 2008
  Malmesbury Victoria Res (A) L 2-4
Apr 21st, 2008
  Bromham FC (H) L 0-1
Apr 19th, 2008
  Westside (A) D 4-4

AFC Trowbridge Town Youth Reserves

Apr 19th, 2008
  Seend United (H) L 0-1
Apr 5th, 2008
  Frome Town Sports (A) D 1-1
Mar 29th, 2008
  Bradford Utd (A) W 6-1
Mar 8th, 2008
  Blue Circle (H) W 3-0
Mar 1st, 2008
  Lavington (A) L 4-6


November Fixtures

Saturday, October 19, 2019

02/11/2019 Wroughton (Away)
09/11/2019 Purton FC (Home)
16/11/2019 Corsham Town Res (Home)
23/11/2019 Kintbury Rangers (Away)
30/11/2019 Melksham Town Res (Home)

County Cup 2nd Round Draw

Thursday, October 17, 2019

To be played Tuesday 12th November
Laverstock & Ford v New College
Shrewton United v Corsham Town
Bemberton Heath Harlequins v Ludgershall Sports
Downton v Warminster Town
Holt v Malmesbury Victoria

To be plaayed Saturday 16th November
Cricklade Town v Calne Town
Trowbridge Town v Devizes Town or Purton
Stratton Juniors v Wroughton


Site Update - 1960-61

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Major update to 1960-61 1st team reasults in the Southern League.
Already had results but have added all the dates plus many of the scorers and attendances.

Reserves were in the Western League - work to be done on that next.


County Cup Draw

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The full First Round draw is as follows:
Devizes Town v Purton
Holt v Marlborough Town
Shrewton United v Pewsey Vale

Bemerton Heath Harlequins bye
Calne Town bye
Corsham Town bye
Cricklade Town bye
Downton bye
Laverstock & Ford bye
Ludgershall Sports bye
Malmesbury Victoria bye
New College Swindon bye
Stratton Juniors bye
Trowbridge Town bye
Warminster Town bye
Wroughton bye

Fountain Trophies Senior Cup Draw

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Fountain Trophies Senior Cup
First Round Draw
Melksham T Res v Malmesbury Vics Dev
Kintbury Rangers v Holt
Shrewton United v Frome Collegians
Royal W. Bassett T Dev v Ludgershall Spts
Trowbridge Town v Stratton Juniors
Cricklade Town v Marlborough Town
Pewsey Vale Dev v Corsham Town Res
Purton v Wroughton

Dates to be arranged.

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